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"Kidney disease" early symptoms and last observed

“Kidney disease” early symptoms and last observed

Kidney disease is considered a silent disease that usually does not show symptoms in the early stages. The cause of the disease comes from many factors. But nowadays, it is found that inappropriate dietary habits Especially eating very salty It plays an important role in kidney disease. Dr. Wantana

4 causes of "kidney disease" that do not come from "eating salty"

4 causes of “kidney disease” that do not come from “eating salty”

17.6% is the number of Thai people with chronic kidney disease or those with latent kidney disease. representing about 8 million people of the Thai population but the group with end-stage renal failure It is about 80,000 and tends to increase every year around 1-2 ten thousand people per year. Previously, the World Health Organization

Tips for choosing to eat "food" how to "lose weight"

Tips for choosing to eat “food” how to “lose weight”

If you want to lose weight, don’t use the “diet” method, but eat right. According to the information in the book “Miraculous Anti-Aging Food” by Ms. Salaya Kongsomboonwet, if asked how to eat to lose weight, the simple answer is to eat foods that reduce energy by