Health effects of “orange coffee” that no one has ever told you.

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“Orange coffee” is one of the cafe’s most popular menu items. or coffee shop nowadays But some things just don’t fit together. No one has ever said that “orange coffee” has a greater impact on health than you think. And this is the health impact of “orange coffee” that may be everyone’s favorite drink

Health effects of "orange coffee" that no one has ever told you.

. Mixing coffee with orange juice not only detracts from the wonderful flavor of the carefully roasted coffee, Orange juice also completely changes the ยูฟ่าเบท taste of coffee. Moreover, coffee experts say that mixing two beverages with vastly different pH values ​​can severely affect their chemical composition.

However, mixing coffee with orange juice has more effects on the body than just the taste. Because it may cause stomach pain. Both orange juice and coffee are highly acidic foods. Coffee also stimulates the production of stomach acid. all of which May lead to acid reflux. or heartburn symptoms

Mixing coffee with orange juice can also affect nutrient absorption. “Tannins (water-soluble phenolic compounds present in many plants) found in coffee can inhibit vitamin absorption. C from orange juice, so if you want full vitamin C There should be about an hour between drinking these two drinks.

For anyone who wants to add orange flavor to their coffee without changing the original composition, use orange blossom extract. By making iced coffee or refrigerating it. (flash-chilled) at home, then add semi-hard whipped cream mixed with real vanilla. Orange blossom extract And brown sugar or maple syrup or extract won’t disrupt the pH of the coffee, because they work so well together. Helps maintain the natural flavor of coffee. But it also adds a light layer of citrus that goes together well and is very delicious.