Understand the mother’s emotional state after giving birth in order to handle it correctly.

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Mother after giving birth You often experience both physical and emotional changes after giving birth. This may make you feel more vulnerable than usual. Therefore, it is important to know what emotional states will occur. Then look for ways to cope. It will help relieve anxiety and take care of your health properly after giving birth. Being a strong and caring mother. It will help your baby grow well. Therefore, it is recommended to understand the main emotional states of mothers after giving birth as follows in order to adjust correctly.

Understand the mother's emotional state after giving birth in order to handle it correctly.

1. Postpartum depression

postpartum depression It is a form of severe stress. which ranges from moderate to severe It can show a variety of symptoms such as insomnia, loss of appetite, crying frequently, irritability, feeling overwhelmed, and loss of attachment to the baby. And sometimes I have thoughts of harming myself. or harm the baby as well People with a family history of depression should be especially careful. This is because symptoms can last anywhere from 2 weeks to several months or even years. prompt and appropriate treatment It is important in this case.

2. High stress condition

Stress isn’t just worry. Only for mothers Fathers can also experience stress. lifestyle changes Not enough rest fatigue Concerns about raising children and other environmental factors all result in feeling easily stressed. It is important for both parents. in recognizing and managing your own stress levels To maintain a good and balanced family life.

3. Postpartum Blue condition

postpartum depression symptoms It is a condition that occurs when a new mother Experience increased stress This is due to hormonal changes after giving birth. As a result, symptoms such as irritability, sadness, crying and mood swings occur easily. This generally occurs about 5 days after giving birth. and will disappear within 2 weeks. This is important for new mothers. to ask for help and communicate with health professionals. If symptoms are prolonged or severe Remember that you are not alone. And there’s help waiting for you.

The mother’s obvious physical changes after giving birth.

  • After giving birth, it is normal for mothers to have stretch marks on their stomachs. This is because the stomach expands quickly during pregnancy , but these marks will gradually fade over time.
  • The muscles and abdominal wall are stretched. during pregnancy Resulting in a sagging belly. But exercising regularly Helps restore the abdomen Return to the state before pregnancy.
  • Postpartum swelling is also common as the ทางเข้า ufabet body tries to balance fluid levels. This swelling generally improves within 2 weeks after giving birth.

After giving birth, mothers will experience hormonal changes. Therefore, it is normal for mothers to face stress after giving birth as well. Taking care of yourself by eating nutritious foods Exercise regularly Get enough rest. and drink water properly It can help mothers stay youthful, reduce stress, and have more happiness in raising their children.