What is the Lao lottery? Why do you play a lot?

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    What is the Lao lottery? Why do you play a lot? In addition to the lottery With the underground lottery of Thailand. Laos lottery is considered another type of lottery that is very popular among lottery fans almost all over the country. Because in addition to being released every week. It’s still easy to buy. Just ordering lottery tickets online. But what is Laos lottery and why do they play a lot. And how do they play. How much do you pay. Let’s have a look in this article.

What is Lao Lottery?

If having a chance to discuss Laos lottery with Lao brothers and sisters. Which this lottery is operated by Lottery for the development of the Ministry of Finance of the Lao PDR. As well as our home lottery division that takes care of the government lottery. The difference is that our home lottery has 6 digits. While the Laos lottery has 4 digits. In addition, the Lao lottery is also very cheap. Which is sold for 1,000 kip each, or about 4 Thai baht. That’s all.

Lao lottery, how to play, what kind is called winning

Although the Laos lottery has a prize using 4 digit numbers from only 1 prize spin, there are 2 more prize numbers divided. There are 3 prizes in total, which are 4 numbers, 3 numbers and 2 numbers. The prize for 3 numbers and 2 numbers will come from the last number as in the Thai lottery in our country.

For the prize money, the payment method will be equal to the purchase amount. which can be divided as follows

  • 4 numbers prize, winner will receive 6,000 times the prize money, assuming buy 1,000 kip, will receive up to 6,000,000 kip.
  • The prize for 3 numbers will get 500 times the prize money. If we buy 1,000 kip, we will get 500,000 kip when winning.
  • The prize for 2 numbers will receive 60 times the prize money. Buy 1,000 kip and get 60,000 kip. Let’s go home.

Where can I buy Laos lottery in our home?

For parents, brothers and sisters, Thai lottery fans who want to play Laos lottery in leaves, but have to go to play in Laos only. But if you want to play easily and comfortably, you can buy Laos lottery online at home. In addition, do not be afraid that he will The moment comes up by itself. because he referred to the Lao lottery But the reward format will be slightly modified for us to be familiar with. That is, there are three straight numbers, three tot numbers, two upper numbers, two bottom numbers, running upper numbers, running lower numbers. Anyone who has the basics of playing underground lottery before, it’s not difficult at all.

Assuming that the Lao lottery for this draw is 6965, the prizes can be divided as follows.

  • The top 3 prizes are the last 3 numbers, in this case 965. If we buy 965, we will receive a reward of 750 times.
  • Prize 3 Toad is the last 3 digits, same as the top 3, but can switch positions. In this case, regardless of whether we buy 956, 596, 569, 659, 695, it’s a win as well. but will receive only 120 times the prize money
  • The top 2 digits of the prize are the last 2 digits, here it is 65, the payout is 90 times the capital.
  • The prize for the bottom 2 numbers is the front 2 numbers, the payout rate is equal to the top 2 numbers, which is 90 times as well.
  • The top running number is to buy only one number. And if the purchased number exists in the 3 digit prize, any position is considered a winner. with a payout rate of 3 times
  • The bottom running number is to buy a single number as well. but to win if the number we buy will be in the next 2 numbers or not If it is in any position We will receive 4 times the prize money.

For the payout rate may be adjusted according to the dealer. Some of them may have a matter of discounts involved as well. It may cause different payments.

What time does the Lao lottery come out? Where can I check the lottery?

Anyone who wants to follow the results of the Lao lottery live, can follow it on the Lao National Television Channel 1 (TCC 1) or the Lao National Radio Station every Wednesday night at 8:30 p.m. our home But if it’s not convenient in this channel, you can watch via Youtube or facebook with live broadcasts of the Lao lottery as well. or anyone who is in no hurry or has business to wait to check the lottery via online lottery websites or a page for Lao lottery fans especially Because anyway, the result is the same.

How are you doing with the knowledge of the Lao lottery that we bring together today? I believe that there will be a lot of interest in the lottery. For those who have never tried to play Laos lottery, they can join to win prizes at online lottery websites. But it is recommended that you choose a trustworthy owner or have a good review so that you won’t have problems when winning the lottery and don’t pay. For sure, from now on, we don’t have to wait to win only 2 times a month again. Next, because only Laos lottery , we can win every week. For anyone who thinks that this is not enough to win. If you interested membership with us UFABET