Sic Bo online is easy to play, just understand the risks

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Sic Bo online is easy to play, just understand the risks. If talking about dice. I think it is another random number gambling game that is quite easy to play. Nothing complicated Maybe it’s because we have a base from a gambling band near home. You must meet the Hi-Lo band. and now have online casino. Coming in makes it easier to play no need to go anywhere. Because there are online dice to play. But what I’m going to talk about today is not about how to play or what rules. But it’s a matter of risk that it will affect our bets. How important it is Let’s go see. If you interested membership with us UFABET

Sic Bo online

Know Hi-Lo online Is it good?

If you are the one who likes playing dice and what it is. Time to follow online casino Don’t waste your time looking for a game of Sic Bo or Hilo, because internationally, they call this game SicBo. Which we call SicBo because it uses transliteration to bet high-low. As we like to play, but SicBo he means gambling games. That uses dice to decide the outcome. So if you come across the word SicBo anywhere, understand that that is the SicBo that we are familiar with.

For playing Sic Bo online , there will be a variety of playing methods that are as complex as other gambling. The more complicated the betting pattern The payout rate will also be high. So does the risk. This one has a chance of winning up to half-and-half. But in exchange for a low payout rate as well.

Normally, the risk of playing Sic Bo is divided into 3 levels:

  • Low level, this one is suitable for newbies who do not want to play without focusing on profits.
  • Intermediate level, suitable for those who already have some experience.
  • High level, suitable for people with thick capital enterprising

low risk

Anyone who is a newbie to play, has never played or has played for a long time until I can barely remember anything. I think it’s best to start playing at this level of risk. Because it focuses on 2 forms of betting, namely high-low bets and Toad bets here , online casinos will only have an advantage of 2.78%, and our chances of losing and winning are at the level of half-and-half There are two ways to play in both formats:


bet, it’s not difficult to play. We just place bets in the Small position if we want to bet low. Or place a bet on the Big side if you want to bet high And because playing in this format, it has a 50:50 chance of losing, winning, similar to baccarat, so we can use the Baccarat money formula to be a 1324 money walk formula or a Martingale to help manage money as well. It will give us the opportunity to make more profit than usual.

Toad bet 

here, the odds will be 5 : 1 or bet 1 pays 5, excluding capital. The reason why this position should be played is because we have a chance to win 1 out of 6 times that bet, which way of playing we will use funds. Approximately 15 units, bet 1 unit per round, if we win 3 times before using all the money, we can bounce. because it is considered profitable

It can be seen that playing Sic Bo at a low level of risk, even if the profit is low. But it also cost a little money. They can also play for a long time, so it’s suitable for newbies to practice and build confidence. Before going to play at a higher risk level than this.


middle risk

This one will be a bit more difficult to play. along with having to prepare more money But it’s still safe. Only the style of play is quite fixed. Which is popularly played in 2 types:

Type 1 

bet a total of 9 points to 3 units, double bet on 1, 5 and 6, each 2 units, in total we will use the funds in this round 9 units. The reason for this bet is because

  1. If the 1st and 2nd dice come out 1 and 1, even if the last dice comes out 6, they only get 8 points.
  2. If it draws 5, 5, 1 then its total is 11 or if it’s 5, 5, 6 it’s 16 and it’s not possible to sum 9 and 10 we have to bet on these 2 to cover it up.

Type 2 

bet on a total of 12 points to 3 units and double bets on 1, 2 and 6, 2 units each, using the same amount of 9 units For the reason that this type of stabbing is because

  1. If exiting 1, 1, the chance that the total in that round will be 3 – 8.
  2. If 2, 2 are issued then the chances that the total in that round will be 5 – 10.
  3. If 6, 6 are drawn, the chances that the total in that round will be 13 – 18.
  4. With all of this, there is no chance of a total of 11-12, so we bet on a total of 12 to cover as much as possible. But if you choose to bet on 11, it’s not wrong.

Which from both of these 2 there is a chance that we will win 1 in 4 or 25%, but that we have to bet on many positions even though there is no chance of stacking in one round It’s because we want to bet to cover as much as possible, that’s all.

The rewards that will be received It can be divided according to the events as follows:

If the total comes out 9 or 12, you will get a profit of 3 x 6 = 18 units, subtracting 6 units of losing pairs, leaving 12 units of the total investment of 9 units, which means that we have a profit of 1.33 times, which is considered effective More rewards than playing high-low, but in accordance with the risks that we accept.

And if winning the double favorite, no matter what kind of play, we will have a profit of 2 × 10 = 20 units, minus 7 units of losses, remaining 13 units of profit.

Therefore, anyone who wants to win a profit at this level with an acceptable risk It is recommended that you look for a Sic Bo online table that gives a double bet of 10:1 or more, if less than this is not worth it.

high risk

The ultimate bet of the gambler would be to throw large sums of money for big profits. which the bet will not focus on covering But focusing on throwing on either side of the end in the hope that it will issue 2 positions at the same time from 3 positions, of course, that throwing together this size, this profit is definitely not normal. By betting, there will be 2 forms as follows.

Type 1

 bet on a total of 8 points to 3 units, bet on pairs 1, 2 and 3 each of 2 units, followed by bet on Tod 2 and 3, each of 2 units, a total of 11 units. The reason for this bet is because

  1. If exiting 1, 1, 6, we will get money from betting a total of 8 points and another double favorite.
  2. If 2, 2, 4 are drawn, it will give the same result, namely 2 places in front total and even favorite.
  3. If 3, 3, 2 are issued, the result is not different from the first 2 items.

Now let’s see how much the profit will be.

  • If you win a total of 8, you will get money 3×6 = 18 units.
  • If you win the double favorite, you will get 2×10 = 20 units.
  • If winning tod 2, 3 will receive money 2 × 5 = 10 units

Type 2 

we will bet on a total of 13 points to 3 units, bet on pairs 4, 5 and 6 of 2 units each, and then bet on Tod 4, 5 to finish off another 2 units each, which we predicted here. that

  1. If out 4, 4, 5, we will win a total of 13 points, coupled with double favorites.
  2. If out 5, 5, 3 will win 2 positions as well.
  3. or if output 6, 6, 1 gives the same result

From all events, if issued as follows, we will be profitable.

  • If you win a total of 13 points, you will get a profit of 3×6 = 18 units.
  • If you win the double favorite, you will get 2×10 = 20 units.
  • If Tod wins 4, 5, you will get money 2×5 = 10 units.

At this point, you can decide whether we are going to play Sic Bo online with a good level of risk. But no matter what level of risk, do not forget that in the long run, we lose to Online casinos are good, so if you play and have a profit, it is advisable to stop carrying the money back first. Come to play next time, it’s not too late. Most importantly, using the money-walking formula together will help you get more profits.