Online casino I don’t like this. How to play Sic Bo to get money.

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online casino Do not like this, how to play dice to get money. Lose bets a catchy phrase of the dealers that we often hear when playing dice at various casinos. Although nowadays there is online casino causing us to not hear words like this anymore. But in the end, what casinos only want a large number of players is not enough. Have to play too So how can a player like us accept this? So I find something that the dealer doesn’t like to leave each other. That is how to play Sic Bo to get money. Let’s see what it is. Is it a Sic Bo formula? and how do you use it


 How to play Sic Bo that the dealer doesn’t want you to know

Although gamblers like us already know that playing Sic Bo , there are many different betting techniques in order to spread the risk. But the dealer still has a way to trap his way by using payouts to distract himself. including the use of special equipment Including a master Sic Bo shaker who can control how much the points will come out. But one thing the dealer can’t control is Hi-Lo money, sure enough.

In playing Sic Bo, one thing that is needed is money. Because it’s the only way to help us minimize the risk of losing as much as possible. This method is widely used in Online casinos such as baccarat, roulette and other gambling games are in the line of live casinos.

In which the money of Hi- Lo will use the principle that bets on the lowest risk point such as high-low and even-odd because these two formats have a winning rate of 50: 50, then bring the Baccarat money walk formula. It is applied so that each bet can increase the return even more. including withdrawing the lost money back

Hi-Lo money walking formula

For the Sic Bo formula that is popularly used is the Martingale formula and the Super Martingale formula, both of which can help us withdraw the lost money back with 1 unit of profit, but the condition must be Compound every time lost For the details of both formulas are as follows.

Martingale walking formula

Let’s start with the most popular money-walking formula that is used the most. because it can be used with every gambling game In principle, it’s simple, we just place a double bet on the last lost turn. or known as the compound The bet will be divided into 5 rounds or 5 sticks, only counting the losing rounds. which has the following methods of placing bets

  • Round 1 bet 100 baht, if winning the next round, place 100 baht if losing
  • 2nd round bet 200 baht (twice the losing round) if winning the next round, go back to bet 100 baht, but if losing
  • Round 3 bet 400 baht, if you win, return to place 100 baht as usual, but if you lose
  • Round 4, bet 800 baht, if you win, return to place 100 baht again, but if you lose
  • Round 5 bet 1,600 baht. If you win in this round, we will get the money that was lost in all 4 rounds back with a profit of 100 baht.

In conclusion, if we are going to use the Martingale formula, it is necessary to have a capital of at least 3,100 baht. But the good way should be more, about 100 units are good because if we really fall, there is a chance to lose all 5 rounds as well. Which means that we lose a large amount of money. However, if losing 5 times in a row like this, I recommend that it be better to stop.


Super Martingale money walk formula

For this formula, it is similar to Martingale in that if you win, you bet 1 unit back, but if you lose, you double your bet with another unit within 5 sticks as before. The formula format will come out as follows.

1 – 3 – 7 – 15 – 31 = 57 units

It means that if we set 1 investment unit equal to 100 baht, this formula we need to have at least 5,700 baht. And if we win in the 5th round, we will get 5 units or 500 baht, which is different from Martingale that can only make 1 unit of profit.

How to walk money Hi-Lo

After we know the formula for walking money. It’s time to see when we can use the money-walking formula to get the best results.

Hi-Lo money, even – odd

At the moment we are betting on even-odd, we can use the money walk formula by looking at

  • If the dice is high or large In the next turn, double bet, starting with 1 unit bet on a tie in the first round.
  • If Hi-Lo is low or small In the next turn, bet on odd, starting with 1 unit bet in the first round as well.

In conclusion, if any round is high, bet on a pair. Out low to bet odd Don’t care if we lose or win. Because we have a formula for walking money to help solve this problem. Just keep in mind that whenever you win, you always have to go back to the starting point of 1 unit.

Hi-Lo 1

Hi-Lo money walk high-low

For the Hi-Lo money walk, this method has a rather fixed format. But we have to find our own timing. By the stroke that comes in, you must see that the last 4 rounds must come out in the form high-low-high-low Alternate like this to start placing bets. In the first round, bet high with 1 unit of capital according to the money walking formula. Then let it stab in this form.

high – low – high – low – high – high – low

But this formula has one thing to keep in mind. If we win in the first turn, the round ends immediately. and then wait for a new rhythm to slowly play, and the important thing is to be careful not to sit and play dice for a long time, otherwise no matter how great the formula is, you will lose your money back Online casinos are good.

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