Malay lottery, how to play to win

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Thai lottery, Laos lottery, Hanoi lottery, today is the queue of Malay lottery, another one of our neighbors lottery that is worth playing and worth trying. In this article, we will take you to know what the Malaysian lottery is. Why are we not familiar with So how do you gamble with your luck? Is it difficult to play? All questions, we have prepared answers for them in this article already.

What is Malay Lottery?

Malay lottery is a legal lottery of Malaysia, just like the Thai government lottery. Vietnam’s Hanoi lottery and the lottery of Laos We will use the prize numbers of the Malay lottery as a reference as well as modify the playing style in accordance with our Thai-style lottery play, which is to buy both top and bottom, running numbers, big numbers, but one special thing that makes the Malaysian lottery It is different from the Lao lottery. The Malay lottery will give out all 3 big prizes, while the Lao lottery uses only 1 set of big prizes, which consists of only 4 digits, and then divides the prizes later.

What time does the Malay lottery come out?

Malaysia normally has 3 days a week for the Malaysian lottery prize draw, which are Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday. It only takes place on Tuesdays in certain weeks. He will call today Magnum for the time to announce the award is from 6:30 pm local time in our country.

How many prizes do Malaysian lottery have? How do you play?

Malay lottery will use 4 digit numbers in every prize draw. with a total of 23 awards, including

  • 1 A1 award
  • 1 prize B1
  • 1 C1 award
  • 10 special prizes
  • 10 consolation prizes

But before going to play Malay lottery, we have vocabulary that must be known first. Because this type of lottery betting is somewhat more detailed than the general lottery. The terminology that is said is as follows.

  • Small or small is the purchase of 4 numbers. In this number, we can check the prize for both A1, B1 and C1.
  • Big or Big is buying 4 numbers, just like Small, but we can check every prize from A1, B1, C1, Special and Consolation. If you get one of these 23 prizes, we get money.
  • Three straight numbers is a purchase of the last 3 numbers, which we must specify that we will bet on the last 3 numbers of which prize. which can only predict A1, B1 and C1
  • Three Toad is a purchase of the last 3 numbers with the same prize as the three straight numbers. Only the numbers we buy can switch positions. Just ask for the 3 numbers you bought that are in the last 3 numbers of that prize.
  • Two straight is the purchase of the last 2 numbers, indicating the prize that will bet on the last 2 numbers of the prize, between A1 or B1 or C1.
  • two pairs It is the purchase of the last 2 digits indicating the prize that you want to check as well as the two straight numbers. Only the numbers we buy can switch positions. Just have in the last 2 digits of the prize is enough.
  • Straight Three N is the same purchase of last 3 digits as Straight Three, except that it can be checked for A1, B1 and C1 prizes as well as Small.
  • Three toad N is a purchase of the last 3 numbers to predict the prize A1, B1 and C1 as well as three straight N, only the numbers we buy can switch positions.
  • Set is the purchase of 4 numbers. This set of numbers can be checked with all prizes like Big and can switch positions in every position, just like buying big numbers.
  • Run is to buy a single number to predict the result in the last 3 numbers of the prize A1 or B1 or C1, depending on which to buy.

Malay lottery, how to buy, how to pay, what kind is called winning the lottery

After getting to know the vocabulary used to buy lottery tickets This time, let’s see how to buy when buying. And what kind is considered to be a Malaysian lottery winner? And how does each award have a pay rate?

4 straight prizes

We have to buy 4 numbers and specify which prize we want to predict (A1, B1 or C1). If the number we buy matches the prize we have chosen, it is considered a lottery winner. For example, we buy the number 3585 for the C1 prize, if the C1 prize is issued 3585, this is considered a lottery win, but if the 3585 is issued in another prize instead. This is not considered correct. For the payment rate will be at 4,500 baht per baht.

Small prize (4 straight characters, covers 3 prizes)

We will have to buy 4 numbers. By buying Small, we will be able to check the results of both A1, B1 and C1 prizes, but when winning the lottery in Small prizes, there will be various payout rates as follows.

  • If winning A1 prize, pay 3,000 baht per baht.
  • If winning the prize, B1 pays 2,000 baht per baht.
  • If you win, C1 pays 1,000 baht per baht.

 Big Prize (4 straight characters, covering all prizes)

This one, when buying, it’s the same as Small rewards, just that we can check every prize. And it has a higher pay rate as follows.

  • If winning A1 prize, pay 2,000 baht per baht.
  • If winning the prize, B1 pays 1,000 baht per baht.
  • If you win, C1 pays 500 baht per baht.
  • If you win a special prize, pay 250 baht per baht.
  • If you win the consolation prize, pay 75 baht per baht.

3 straight prizes

When buying, it is similar to buying 4 straight numbers, the difference is only changing to 3 straight numbers and specifying which prize we want to win between A1 or B1 or C1 for the payout rate will be 600 baht per baht.

2 straight prizes

The method of purchase is the same as 3 straight numbers and 4 straight numbers, but is a chance to win the last 2 numbers of that prize. The payout rate is 70 baht per baht.

In addition, the payout rate of some Malaysian lottery may be adjusted as appropriate. Or according to the online lottery promotion of that particular owner, the important thing before making a purchase is that we need to study the information and the payout rate of each online lottery website that he has to pay. give a discount or not This is in order not to have to sit and lose your temper because you meet the owner who pays less without knowing.

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