Hanoi Lottery, a new choice for lottery players

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Playing the lottery is another form of gambling that is very popular among gamblers. So much so that counting countries that don’t have lottery or lotteries to play should be easier. And of course, that just Thai lottery, underground lottery or Laos lottery may not be enough or can answer lottery fans like us today, so I’m going to take everyone to know about the neighboring lottery in another country, which is the Hanoi lottery . or Vietnamese lottery It’s the house near our neighborhood. But what is the Hanoi lottery , how to play it, and when it comes out, let’s get to know each other.

What is Hanoi Lottery and what time does it come out?

     The Hanoi Lottery , also known as the Vietnam Lottery, is a lottery controlled by the LỒNG CẦU XỔ SỐ office of Vietnam. Prizes are drawn every day at 6:30 p.m. time in Thailand. This event can tell that I like the lottery for sure. because there is a new lottery to win every day

How to buy Hanoi lottery, where to buy

Anyone who thinks that the Hanoi lottery is difficult to play and difficult to buy, forget about this. Because nowadays there are many online lottery websites for us to play and bet a lot of lottery tickets. Which these 5 websites are quite reliable, easy to buy, pay in full. The purchase was not difficult. We can choose whether to buy 3 upper numbers, 3 big numbers, 2 upper numbers, 2 lower numbers, or can run the numbers on the bottom. It’s exactly like buying underground lottery tickets in our home. This is because if you buy or use the rules like in Vietnam, you’ll probably get confused until you stop playing for sure. As for the Vietnamese lottery results that are issued in their homes, they will look like this. Or if you want to check the daily Hanoi lottery results. If you interested membership with us UFABET

How to play Hanoi lottery What kind is considered winning the lottery?

As for how to play, as I said, we can buy both top 3 numbers, 3 top numbers, 2 top numbers, 2 bottom numbers, including the top-bottom running numbers. as well as Thai lottery In conclusion, it is an underground lottery using the Hanoi Lottery as a reference for the prize draw.

As for the prize draw of Hanoi lottery in our home, he will use the last 3 digits of the ĐB award to issue the upper 3 digits and use the last 2 digits of the ĐB award to issue the upper 2 digits of the award, while the lower 2 digits of the prize will use the last 2 digits. 2 digits of the prize nhất come to reference

For example, the ĐB prize is 44642 and the nhất prize is 33245. Then our home online lottery website will announce the prize. Each award has a payout rate as follows:

The top 3 prizes 

are 642. Anyone who buys this number will receive an immediate prize of 750 baht per baht.

The prize for 3 big 

numbers from the example of the top 3 numbers is 642, so anyone who buys 642, 624, 264, 246, 426, 462 will be considered to have won this prize. which in general will pay at 120 baht per baht

The top 2 prizes 

are 42, the normal payment rate is 90 baht per baht.

The 2 lower prizes 

are 45, the payout rate is equal to the top 2 prizes, approximately 90 baht per baht.

Top Runner Number 

The winning condition is that the number we buy must match at least 1 top 3 digit prize and is a single lone number purchase, assuming to buy top 2 and on top 3 prizes (642) then There are 2 like this, it’s considered a winner. He will pay 3 baht per baht.

Lower Running Numbers 

The methods of purchase and winning conditions are the same as for the top running numbers. Only the lower running numbers will use the bottom 2 prize results to refer to the prize draw. As for the payout rate, it is a bit more than the number running above, which is paid at 4 baht per baht.

In addition, some websites that sell lottery online, some owners also have additional purchase patterns as follows:

19 goals 

means buying 19 numbers spread out based on one of the numbers. Suppose if we think that this draw must have a 7 for sure, it will bet on 19 goals, which consists of the numbers 07, 17, 27, 37, 47, 57, 67, 70, 71, 72, 73, 74, 75. , 76, 77, 78, 79, 87, 97

Forward swipe 

is a spread buy similar to 19 goals but we spread the risk out by 10 numbers based on the number we buy as the front. Suppose we think that the page number 3 must come for sure. We swipe the page to get the numbers 30, 31, 32, 33, 34, 35, 36, 37, 38, 39, a total of 10 sets.

Swipe back 

is the same purchase as the front swipe number. just that we switch from speculating on the front number to the back number Suppose we speculate on 5, we will get the numbers 05, 15, 25, 35, 45, 55, 65, 75, 85, 95, totaling 10 sets as well.

However, the payout rates I quoted here are just general payout rates. For some websites, there may be promotions that result in some discrepancies in the payout rates here. Therefore, before making a decision to buy Hanoi Lottery every time, please read the pay rate to understand.

How are you doing with the Hanoi lottery ? It’s not too difficult than the ability of the Thai lottery master. But do not forget that buying lottery tickets is risky. So you should study it well. Let’s look at some past statistics. So that the chances of winning the lottery will increase as well. Wherever there is a lottery to play every day, I wish everyone to win the lottery.