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gourds, crabs, fish online Easy to play and get real money. Speaking of gourds, crabs, fish, I think no one will know for sure. Even if you’ve never played, you must have heard of it. Because it is a local gambling that has been with Thai people for a very long time. The way to play is not difficult, similar to playing dice in our home. But today I will take you to know that gourds, crabs, fish seen in online casinos , how do they play? how much to pay will decide to play correctly

What is gourd, crab, fish?

Gourds, crabs, fish is another form of gambling game that has a way to play is to reverse the dice. It is said that this type of gambling originated from China. The device used to play will have 3 dice as well as Sic Bo, but the difference is that the Sic Bo dice will face points 1-6, but the dice of gourds, crabs, fish will be animal faces instead. This includes gourds, crabs, fish, chickens, shrimps and tigers.

gourd, crab, fish 1

How to play gourd, crab, fish online

If anyone playing Online casinos regularly will see that some casinos have games for gourds, crabs, fish for us to play with. The methods and rules are the same as what we play in a casino far from home. Players can choose to bet either in the form of bets according to the picture. or to stab a color There are also other betting methods to play as well. For counting the points will be counted like this:

Fish, represented by red, is worth 1 point.

Shrimp, represented by green, is equal to 2 points.

Gourds, represented by blue, are equal to 3 points.

Tiger, represented by blue, is equal to 4 points.

Crab, represented by green, is equal to 5 points.

Chicken, represented by red, is equal to 6 points.

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How to bet gourds, crabs, fish and pay rates

For betting on gourds, crabs, fish can be divided into the following forms of stabbing.

high-low bet

It is a very popular betting method. Use the method of counting points from all 3 dice together. If a score of 4 – 10 is counted as a low score, if a score of 11 – 17 is issued, it will be counted as a high score. The payout rate will be 1 : 1.

For example, we bet low, 100 dice come out as gourd (3), crab (5), fish (1), total score is 9 points, we are considered to win because of low points. We will get a profit of 100 baht, excluding capital.

gourd, crab, fish 2

Single bet

It is the stabbing of a specific picture. The payout rate is 1 : 1, but the special is that if the dice come out on the same face again We will receive an additional payout rate of 1 times, which may be 1: 2 or 1: 3, depending on how many children are out there.

For example, bet on 1 fish for 100 baht, dice out in front of crab, shrimp, fish like this, we will receive a profit of 100 baht, excluding capital, but if out of fish, shrimp, fish like this, we will receive a profit of 200 baht, not including capital

One color bet

The betting method is similar to the single bet, but the difference is that it predicts the color. The payout rate is 1: 1 as well, and if the dice come out of the same color as we bet more than 1 ball, we will receive an additional pay rate of 1 times per 1 ball as well.

For example, we bet on green Teng 100 baht, which will have green crab and shrimp faces. If it comes out in front of crab or shrimp face, it is considered that we won the prize too. You only get one shrimp or crab, you will get a profit of 100 baht, excluding capital. If you come out in front of crab and shrimp will get a profit of 200 baht, excluding capital

Double color favorites

The method of betting is similar to betting on single color favorites. But this time, we will guess that it is not less than 2 colors. The payout rate will be 1: 3.

For example, bet on a pair of colors, green, 100 baht, dice in front of crabs, shrimps, tigers. This way, we win because crabs and shrimps are green faces. And it comes out at the same time, 2 balls, we will get a profit back of 300 baht, not including capital, but if it comes out, crabs, chickens, tigers like this are considered lost immediately because it only leaves one green page.

Tang Tong Si

How to bet in this style is to bet that the dice will come out of the same color for all 3 balls without specifying what color it is. and do not need to leave the same page The payout ratio is 1: 7, which is quite a lot.

Suppose we stab at a color of 100, the result is Crab, Prawn, Crab, which are all three green balls. We will immediately receive a profit of 700 baht, excluding capital.

Tang Tong, a specific color

This will be a lot more risky than the paint on the paint a moment ago. Because it must come out the same color as we predicted all 3 balls to be considered a winner But the pay rate is worth it. because it pays up to 1: 20

Suppose we bet on a green tong 100, if all three greens are issued, get a profit of 2,000 baht, excluding capital, but if going out in other colors like this, it is not considered a prize

 Tang Tong in a specific image

            This one will be more difficult. Because the dice that are rolled out must come out on the same face for all 3 balls, such as crabs, crabs, crabs to win, the payout rate is up to 1: 150.

If we stab a tiger for 100 baht and it comes out, tiger, tiger, real tiger, get a profit of 15,000 baht, excluding capital.

Tong Tong

If it was difficult just now More risky than trying to play this one. We just predict that all three dice will appear on the same face. If all the dice come out on the same face, we win. The payout rate is 1: 24

For example, bet on the image of 100 baht, the result is all three dice on the same face. (Any face) We get a profit immediately of 2,400 baht, excluding capital.

gourd, crab, fish 3

Total bet

It’s a rather difficult bet because of the variety of points. And each point total has different pay rates. which can be divided as follows

  • Bet 4 or 17 points, payout rate 1: 50
  • Bet 5 or 16 points, payout rate 1: 18
  • Bet 15, payout ratio 1 : 14
  • Bet 7 or 14 points, payout rate 1: 12
  • Bet on 8 or 13 points, payout rate 1: 8
  • Bet on 9 or 10 or 11 or 12 points, payout rate 1: 6

            Suppose we stab at 4 points for 100 baht and the baby turtle comes out in front of fish(1), fish(1), shrimp(2), totaling the points equals 4, assumed that we won, taking a profit of 5,000 baht, excluding capital.

 Why is playing gourd, crab, fish better?

The simple reason I think that measuring luck with gourds, crabs, fish makes more sense than other gambling games is because

  1. The payout rate is up to 150 times, which if any game can be compared, it is difficult to pay this much.
  2. There are many forms of betting. especially the paint that are not available to play in Sic Bo
  3. The initial bet is very low, only 10 baht can be played.
  4. It is a gambling game that is almost everywhere. Online casinos are not as popular as Sic Bo.

How is it with the story of gourds, crabs, fish that came together today? I believe that many people are beginning to see the picture and understand the play better. But in any case, I would like to play consciously. Just enough to have fun like when we’re chilling at home. Don’t expect too much. Then we will enjoy playing. online casino without having to worry about money

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