Do not ask to continue! Rooney releases statement revealing reason for leaving Derby

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Wayne Rooney former Manchester United and England striker. Said released a statement to bid farewell to his role. As Derby County manager was relegated to League One next season.

 Wayne RooneyManchester United legendand England national team Having resigned as manager of Derby County. The former striker spent two seasons in charge of the Iron Islands. Says the club needs someone to have. Fresh energy’ to lead them during this uncertain time. Derby were cut 21 points at the Championship last season. After agreeing to take over. Because the UFABET club faced serious financial problems under Melvin Morris and eventually they were relegated to League One.

          Rooney’s team finished 23rd in the Championship. Seven points away from the safety zone. After being cut 12 points. After the club went bankrupt and unable to resolve the issue. They went through a process of taking control of their operations to revive their finances. They were also cut nine points for violating the EFL’s accounting rules. If there is no deduction of points. The derby will likely finish 18th in the table. Rooney explaining his decision to leave the Derby in a statement.

Throughout the summer I have been closely monitoring developments on the ownership of Derby County. For fairness to them They tried really hard to change my decision. But I have made my decision .

          “ Personally I feel that the club right now needs to lead the team with someone with fresh energy and unaffected by the events of the past eighteen months . My derby with pride and love. And would like to thank my staff, players and of course the fans. All of you for your incredible support.” “I will never forget you guys and hope to see you all again in the near future and in a happier time.” “Finally, I know. I just want to say this: Derby County is a great club with a great history and great fans, and I wish you all the best of luck and success in the future.”

          Rooney, 36, has established himself as one of England and Manchester United’s greatest players throughout his career. He became the club’s all-time leading scorer in 13 years at Old Trafford, where Rooney won five Premier League titles and one Champions League trophy, according to a spokesman on behalf of the management. Associate of Derby County Football Club said:

We’re spending the day trying to persuade him to stay. But I understand why he wants to go.” “We are very grateful to him. for his excellent work in the face of challenging on-field situations in the 2021/22 season and commending the attitude he has led the team, clubs and local communities through issues off the pitch. Selling club business and assets It was very urgent. And the co-executive would like to reaffirm that Wayne’s departure will not affect the ongoing positive talks.